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"A script both about love and full of love (in almost every sense of the word)…a story about self-sufficiency and learning to embrace the broken and distorted parts of self."

WeScreenplay Feature Lab 2022

Outstanding Screenplays
Feature Competition

☾ ↟  Top 12% of discoverable projects on Coverfly.

☾ ↟  Placed Semifinalist in WeScreenplay's Feature Screenwriting Competition (2022).

☾ ↟  Placed Quarterfinalist in Outstanding Screenplays Feature Competition (2021).

☾ ↟  Scored 9/10 on The Black List--fewer than 5% of hosted scripts receive a score of 8 or above.

**feature screenplay available upon request

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Amidst the shattered remains of her home, a lonely young woman finds solace in a mystical presence in the woods. But when life's tides shift, she must confront her own demons and the truth about her mentor's identity in order to find the strength to heal.



Elowyn's story is one of a shattered home, an ache for maternal love, and a mysterious mentor who appears in the woods. Eva, as she comes to be known, fills the void in Elowyn's heart and becomes a surrogate mother to the young girl. Under her watchful eye, Elowyn blossoms into adolescence, but as life takes hold and new relationships beckon, the woods lose their luster. Elowyn finds solace elsewhere, until a cataclysmic argument with her mother leaves her devastated and alone. Seeking refuge, Elowyn returns to the woods, where Eva appears once more to guide her towards self-discovery and the strength to face her demons. With newfound resolve, Elowyn confronts her mother in a candid conversation that begins the long road to reconciliation. As Elowyn begins to heal, she makes one final trip to the woods, only to discover that Eva never truly existed. She was a mere figment of Elowyn's imagination, a flesh-and-blood coping mechanism that helped her navigate the tumultuous waters of life.



The mother-daughter relationship holds paramount significance for women, serving as their first female connection in the world. This foundational bond profoundly shapes their subsequent interactions with other women and significantly impacts their self-relationship, ultimately defining their femininity. When this pivotal relationship is marred from the outset, what are the consequences?

This is a coming-of-age story you've never seen before. It dives into the unknown, the uncomfortable, and relishes in both light & dark. Out of the shadows of grief comes a dark-leaved journey of magic & self. A fresh look at female empowerment & a fearlessly nuanced exploration of sexuality.

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